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JDOS is Jingdong Datacenter OS for automated management of shared container clusters and containerized applications in a scalable and elastic manner. The key systems include ContainerFS, ContainerDNS and ContainerLB.

Elastic Computing Platform

Elastic Computing Platform offers highly customized and optimized compute services, including Spark, Flink, and Storm.

Boundaryless Retail Infrastructure

Boundaryless Retail Infrastructure provides an integrated software and hardware solution, including customized routers and all-in-one machines for retail stores. It enables real time data collection, processing and interaction with data centers and Cloud.


ContainerFS is a cluster file system for large scale container clusters. It provides seamless integration with Kubernetes and includes advanced storage engine for complex applications.


JFS is an object storage service with S3-compatible API for handling a massive amount of data with strong consistency, availability and elasticity.


JIMDB is Jingdong in-memory NoSQL database. It is Redis compatible and supports high performance data caching.


ContainerDB is a database solution for deploying, scaling and managing large clusters of database instances. It's architected to run on container platform which is based on kubernetes. It combines and extends many important MySQL features with the scalability of a NoSQL database.


ElasticSearch provides storage and full text search for both structured and non-structured data, such as log and documents.

Messaging Service

Messaging Service is a highly efficient, reliable and secure distributed message service.

Microservice Marketplace

Microservice Marketplace provides a marketplace for application developers, product managers and architects to create, search, access, share, and collaboratively edit microservice knowledge.

Image Storage and Processing Platform

Image platform is an image service providing large scale image storage, processing, information mining, search and creation.

Chaos Monkey

Chaos Monkey provides custom and random fault generation and resilience testing.


Forcebot is a software platform for large scale stress testing.

Multi-Data Center Management

Multi-Data Center Management provides data replication and consistency, disaster recovery, high availability, and intelligent dispatching for geographically distributed data centers.

Monitoring and Logging Service

Monitoring and Logging Service provides data collection, search and analysis for IT monitoring and logging.

JD Translation Platform

Jingdong Translation Platform is mainly to support Jingdong's globalization strategy. It provides a management platform for translation services and translation tasks when Jingdong builds a multilingual platform. At the same time, it integrates internal and external translation resources of the company and builds a foundation for natural language understanding, image recognition, and image synthesis. Translation services such as technical and human translation workflows. The platform not only provides text translation, image translation, and translation API interface services for's global multilingual e-commerce platform, but also provides management of various translation services and translation task processes based on products.